I had the chance to bump into Masimba, first at a Demo then on Goetheplatz in Weimar where he told me about his idea for the „Bread-Scores-Performance“.

I was intrigued by how he connected the radio as a device and medium of resistance and group based performance art. He invited me to take part and in return I asked for this interview which I found thought-provoking – thank you!

We talked about the radio in the (post-)colonial context and as a plattform for self-organisation of minorities.

In this recording you will also hear snippets from the performance that took place at Villa Eigenheim on the 22nd of May 2021 as part of the Radio Art Residency.

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Credits for the Bread-Scores-Performance given on Mixcloud.

A talk with Masimba Hwati on the radio as tool for resistance