Lizhuli · Future Nostalgia FM Moderation

Here you find a short version of the project described below.
My part starts at 3:05.

Once upon a time, the timeline broke into tiny pieces, and everything that had existed broke within. We entered the era of Reversal, backpedaling in the direction of the Beginning, where the world was about to start again or remain. While exploring haptically the skeletons of time, we see how differently they were treated. Their parts were cut, their surface destroyed, crippled, and often left with scars. The color faded away, texture mutilated, being wrapped in the past with its shape deformed. These fossils have neither purpose nor history. The artifacts were floating around, losing their structure, scent, purpose, and gravitation. Their bodies were thoroughly examined and carefully excavated from the void they were found in. Shoveled Future relics materially culminate while being dug out. Their existence depends on the speculation and imagination of the observer. Found broken, longing for what is lacking in a changed present, or Future.

The Futurology Kiosk is a mixed-media project founded by visual artist Nadja Kracunovic. Combining multiple mediums, sound (Future Nostalgia FM radio), spatial installation (kiosk as a time capsule), and performative objects (ceramics), its futuristic experience unsettles the present and speculates on the future. The inventory consists of imaginatively designed broken ceramics lavishly displayed to be dug out and explorred. The artifacts are excavations from the future bringing nostalgia for what has never happened. The project has a narrative that waves between imagination, aspirations, and human interactions while exploring new fusions between mediums.

The founder of the Futurology Kiosk:
Nadja Kracunovic

Future Nostalgia FM radio team:
Nadja Kracunovic
Denise Lee
David Bilek
Dean Ruddock

Future Nostalgia newspapers design
Jonas Lenz

Future Nostalgia FM